AMPS Winter Mini Bundle

Art, Music, Physical Education & STEM

Beat the winter doldrums with engaging and fun learning. Participate in the Winter Olympics, create a winter soundscape, make a beautiful snowy mountain sunset, and design and build the warmest hibernation homes.
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AMPS Winter Mini Bundle


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🎨 Art - In this class, your kids will create a snowy mountain landscape using a black marker and watercolors. They will follow step-by-step instructions using line and color to create a bold and beautiful work of art. Teacher: Kathryn Strong

🎵 Music - Your kids will learn all Vivaldi and the music he created for Winter! They will follow along to Vivaldi's Winter in a create way and also create their own musical soundscape. Teacher: Rachel Figg

🏒 Physical Education - In this class, your kids will learn about the Winter Olympics. They will learn about the history and about some of the games. They will participate in a fun warm-up activity and even get to creatively participate in some of the Olympic Games. Teacher: Katie Whitney

🐻 STEM - STEM is all about solving problems. In this class, your kids will learn all about what makes good insulators and will be challenged to create a Hibernation Station for hibernating animals. Teacher: Rachel Figg

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