Homeschooling Has Started.

The Honeymoon Period is Over.

Learn How to THRIVE this School Year!

These FREE classes will you show you EXACTLY how you can provide a

well-rounded, hands-on education

for your kids that includes the enrichment areas of Music, Art, STEM & PE in a SIMPLE way without a lot of stress, prep, or running all over town.

And, learn exactly how to THRIVE in a way that allows you to actually enjoy your homeschool days with your kids!

During Sneak Peek Week, you will get

  • Instant Access to four Sample Classes that will give you a Sneak Peek inside The Hands-on Homeschool Virtual Co-op
  • Behind the scenes tour of The Hands-on Homeschool Virtual Co-op
  • An invitation to our next LIVE Training to help you thrive with a well-rounded, hands-on homeschool that makes sense for your family!

As one homeschool mom put it-

"When I started homeschooling it was SOOOO AMAZING! Until 3 weeks later, when it wasn't!"

I don't want that to be you! I want you to THRIVE this school year!

During our FREE Training Class you will discover how to...

  • Use (or find) your Creativity to create a unique homeschool that you are proud of.
  • Use Curriculum as a TOOL that WORKS for you and your family.
  • Develop Routines so you are not overwhelmed!
  • Find and include Sneaky Learning in your homeschool with Hands-on Resources that align with your homeschool style and approach.

Get Ready to Have Your Best Homeschool Year, Yet!

Get Instant Access to Sample Classes.

Next LIVE Training - October 26, 2021 4:00 pm

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